Toy Curls

it is a special device giving your hair
truly amazing results.

  • Innovative Design
  • Motore AC ad alta potenza
  • Wireless with rechargeable battery
  • Heating bar with Ionic ceramic technology
  • Double direction of rotation for a Styling effect

This is not a traditional air curler, it works automatically and it features the “Auto Curl Technology”: the lock of hair inserted in the cylinder is sucked in inside and the mechanism rotating on itself releases a well-defined curl in a very short time.

This revolutionary method allows everyone, even beginners with no manual skills, to obtain beautiful curls in an easy and fast way, it’s the best choice for those looking for an automatic curling iron extremely easy to use and that avoids any possibility of burns.

Arricciacapelly Toy Curls


KIEPE Toy Curls has 3 temperature levels, to adapt to the type of hair and to the desired type of curl: 150°C for thin and delicate hair and to obtain wide curls, 180°C for normal hair and to obtain thighter curls, 210°C for thick hair and to obtain compact and well-defined curls.

Equipped with a power switch with bright LED, it heats up in no time.

After selecting the temperature and inserting the lock og hair about 3-4 centimeters in the cylinder, start the rotation; an acoustic signal will tell you when the curl is ready and can be released.

KIEPE Toy Curls
does it pretty much all by itself … wow!

There is the option to select the hair rotation to the left and to the right to obtain curls curved inwards or outwards, and also altertating to give the hair the styling mode movement.

KIEPE Toy Curls has a ceramic coating, this material protects hair by the heating stress and make them brighter and softer; the curler is equipped with a powerful motor that grants long life to the device and for this reason is highly requested by the professional hairderssing salons.

You can always carry it with you, even in your bag, because it is equipped with a total blocking button, to block every function (to prevent the device from turning on accidentally) and a rechargeable battery, everywhere like a smartphone.

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